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About Igodol-SP :-

It is a combination of Aceclofenac, Serratiopeptidase and Paracetamol. It helps to bring Painfree movability to life.

Aceclofenac Sodium :-

  • Directly blocks PGE2 secretion at the site of Inflammation
  • Aceclofenac is an NSAID with greater COZ-2 specificity when compared to Diclofenac sodium
  • Reduces joint inflammation, pain intensity & the duration of morning stiffness & improves hand grip strength in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Aceclofenac Sodium :-

  • Paracetamol is used worldwide for it’s analgesic & antipyretic actions

Serratiopeptidase :-

Serrapeptase is used for conditions such as back pain, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and for conditions generally associated with pain and swelling (inflammation).

Usage Of Igodol-SP :-

  1. Arhritis-Osteo & Rheumatoid
  2. Sprains & Strains
  3. Spondolysis
  4. Low back pain
  5. Orthopaedic pain

Dosage Of Igodol-SP :-

As directed by the physician.

Storage Igodol-SP :-

Store in a cool, dry & dark place.

Safety Measures Igodol-SP :-

Keep the medicine out of reach of children.