Pregacot – Plus

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Product Description :-

Pregacot-Plus is a combination of five medicines : Methylcobalamin, Alpha Lipoid Acid, Thiamine mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride and Folic Acid.


  • It is a form of vitamin B12 that restores its level in the body thereby helping in treating certain Anemia’s and nerve problems.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • It acts as a potent antioxidant by neutralizing the free such as reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.
  • Further, it initiates natural antioxidant processes in the body.
  • It also maintains the levels of Vitamin E and Vitamin C in the body.

Thiamine Mononitrate

  • It is a form of vitamin B1 that provides essential nutrients.

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

  • It is a supplement of vitamin B6, is required by your body for utilization of energy in the foods you eat, production of red blood cells and proper functioning of nerves.

Folic Acid

  • It is a form of vitamin B. It plays a vital role in the formation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body.
  • It is also essential in pregnancy due to its role in the development of the unborn baby’s brain and spinal cord.

Dosage :-

  • As directed by the physician.


  • Store in a cool, dry & dark place.

Safety Information:-

  • Keep medicine out of reach of children.