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Bacillus Clausii Spores – 2 Billion Spores
Purified water


Bacillus Clausii Spores is a rod shaped, gram positive, motile and spore forming bacterial probiotic that maintain a symbolic relationship with the host organism.

Usage Of Alnorm-BC

It is use for treatment of alternation in the intestinal bacterial flora due to diverse causes.

Side Effects Of Alnorm-BC

Hypersensitivity reaction, including rash & urticarial, may occur.


Adults:- 2-3 mini bottles
Child:- 1-2 Mini bottles
Infants:- 1-2 Mini Bottles
Unless prescribed otherwise by doctor.

Administer at regular intervals (3-4 hours), diluting the content of the mini bottles in sweetened water, milk, tea, orange juice.

This medicinal product is for oral use only.
Do not inject or administer in any other way.

Special Warning

The possible presence of corpuscles visible in the mini bottles of ALNORM-BC is due to aggregates of Bacillus Clausii Spores and does not, therefore, indicate the product has undergone any changes.

Instruction To Follow:-

  1. Shake the mini bottles before use
  2. Break away one mini bottle
  3. Twist the cap to open
  4. Squeeze to drink